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Find out the secret to success with personal ads, and the best places to put ads.

My homepage, "Susan's Place," reflects my current and former on-line interests. As a result of a break-up with a boyfriend, my attention was directed towards searching for a partner. I share here what I discovered about personal ads , and recommend excellent books I found on romance , dating , and sex . In the past, my main on-line interest was cybersex ; and I wrote a FAQ . Finally, I have always loved books and humor , so you will find a lot of that here. This site is modified often, I like to add things I think might be of interest to visitors. My goal is to inform and entertain, and to help people. Scroll down to see more of what Susans Place offers:

Get Laid For Free!
About Me
A few facts about me, and some of the things I like, such as the movie Titanic .
The Personal Ads Page
Are you interested in meeting someone for an erotic encounter?
The Cybersex Page
Here I offer my popular "Susan's Cybersex FAQ," a witty look into the way
men behave online. (A "FAQ " is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.)
Interview with an Exotic Dancer
Victoria, a topless dancer, is a high-energy performer.
The Book Page
I discuss books all over Susan's Place, but this page is specifically a place for various books on topics ranging from the Titanic, web pages , and more. Learn how to make anyone fall in love with you on the Romance page. Or improve your directing skills with Play Directing in the School : A Drama Director's Survival Guide and Duo : The Best Scenes of the 90's Of course, the best scenes are all in the movie Titanic , but it is always good to have books which point this out :-)
A Touching Story
A reader sent me this story; I thought I would post it for others to read.
Daily Free Photo
I took a poll, and the overwhelming majority of my visitors wanted me to offer free adult, here they are!
The Word Page
An unusual vocabulary quiz... it may not teach you anything, but you may find it fun!
Sayings of Benjamin Franklin
Care for a little wisdom from the famous American?
Webmaster Resources
Material of interest to website owners.
AOL Tips
Important, but hard to find knowledge about using AOL. Learn how to chat without the mouse, how to clear AOL when stuck waiting, and how to make sure you are seeing the latest versions of web pages.
The Iceland Page
Submitted by a reader, this is a lead-in to the works of Halldor Laxness
The Joke Page
I hope you enjoy my selections. I try only to present the best. If you have better, tell me!
In the News
Buffy series finally ends, 44 episodes too late. Initially outstanding show had five good seasons, went sour in final two seasons as writers and producers abandoned ideas and style that had made it one of the all time best TV shows. Ratings fell as fans got tired of bad episodes. UPN's purchase of the show a total flop.
The Declaration of Independence
All Americans should read it. Since I think most have not, I offer it here.
Afterwards, I urge you to go on and read The Bill of Rights .

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Thought for the day:
"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power
and magic in it. Begin it now." - Goethe;


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